When obsession goes too far, there is no price too high to pay - even death.


Dangerous Obsession


Deadly Secrets


Dire Consequences





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Meg Evans is a certified health coach passionate about wellness.


Although she’s a hardcore gym rat, she likes slowing down and getting absorbed in a riveting page-turner.


Meg is the author of Enthrallment, her debut paranormal romance, and the first book in the Enthrallment series.


When not writing, Meg enjoys a good conversation over a soy latte and laughing until her face hurts with her friends.


She currently lives in New York.


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Zara's peaceful small-town life is rocked when a mysterious new neighbor moves in. She quickly gets trapped in an intense obsession for the elusive Dorian. As they interact, not only does Zara start to feel inexplicably addicted to his presence, but also becomes certain that Dorian and his cousin, Rita, have a closely guarded secret, and their move to Keizer wasn't a coincidence.

Zara is tempted to discover the truth about this enigmatic duo. She's also desperate to understand the peculiar happenings that have been haunting her since she met Dorian.

By satisfying her curiosity, Zara has put her life in danger. Now she must face the formidable consequences because what her neighbors really are exceeds her wildest imagination. 

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